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Thank you for visiting the official website for Evergreen Christian Counseling. Here you'll find up-to-date information about Evergreen's mission, history, services, hours and other essentials.

Here To Help....

We want to partner with you to help your marriage, family & relationships become everything they were meant to be. Most of us will not settle for being ordinary in our professional life. We'll pursue excellence in every other area of our life. So why should we accept less than the best from ourselves in that part of our lives that matters the most?

Our guiding philosophy?  Whatever life can be it should be.

Under "Services," you'll find information about the types of counseling offered, hours of availability and Evergreen's sliding fee scale structure.

We've tried to anticipate and respond to most questions you may have.  The purpose of this site is to show you how Evergreen can be a resource for you, your marriage and your family.  If you are a church looking for a pastoral resource to come alongside you to assist your families, this is another key reason why we're here.

Please help us help you by calling 502.439.5569...or email evergreenccc@gmail.com    

Your call/email inquiry will be handled professionally and confidentially. 

You want a great life?  Purposefully nourish & water your relationships.