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Many people have preconveived ideas about what counseling, particularly pastoral counseling would be like.  "It's just going to be somebody who looks at me like I'm crazy, says nothing and writes a bunch of stuff on a legal pad...."

Well, let us anticipate a few concerns.   "Will I be analyzed?"   "Will I be preached to?"   "How are they going to tell us anything we don't already know?  if they tell us anything at all??"

When you call in...

  • You will be asked for only that information that helps us help you
  • You will be treated courteously and with respect
  • You will given an appointment that is considerate of your schedule
  • We'll make every effort to see you within 3-5 business days

When you come in...

  • You will be treated as the reason we're here
  • You will not be embarrassed or put "on the spot"
  • You will not be judged or criticized in any way
  • Your assessment will be completed with utmost professionalism

We naturally assume that...

You are a unique, unrepeatable creation of God who is to be treated with every consideration.   There isn't a perfect human being or relationship out there.  All of us have struggles and conflicts, difficulties and challenges.   We are simply appealing to sound clinical principles and biblical insights to help you navigate the maze.  There really are strategies and skills that can help you through it all.  And it is our job to help you discover them so you and your family can get where you've always wanted to be.  Most people know what the pieces are and where they are, they just need help fitting them all together...