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Evergreen Christian Counseling was launched in January of 2001.  Its goal then remains its goal today:  To help couples and families become all that they set out to be, before life got in the way, became more complicated, causing hopes and dreams to be lost along the way. 

Now in our 17th year, we've provided well over 20,000 services to those struggling in all areas of life.   Helping to keep marriages intact and preserve families is a vital emphasis of Evergreen.   We've helped hundreds of couples in crisis.  We've helped children who are dealing with behavioral issues or who are hurting from their parents' divorce.   And in every case, we've made it our purpose to help hurting people find relief from their emotional pain, solutions to life's problems and develop a closer connection with the God who knows far more what to do with life than we do. 

The staff holds advanced degrees in both clinical and pastoral studies.  Evergreen is committed to the concept that its client/families are best served by appealing to both.   Evergreen does not believe that excellence of intervention is possible by utilizing either to the exclusion of the other.  If individuals, couples and families are to heal and to grow, they must be treated in heart, mind, body and soul.