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The short answer?  No one but you and your therapist.  Evergreen understands how important it is to protect carefully and with utmost confidentiality that which you choose to share with your clinician.  Without that assurance, one could not be expected to meaningfully express one's innermost feelings and/or the details about one's life.   Without that sense of being in a safe, secure setting, any benefit from counseling is severely diminished.  Client records are kept in a locked, secure location.  Access to these files is limited to your therapist only.  The only exceptions to this confidentiality policy are:

  • If there is cause to believe that a child is being abused or neglected.
  • If there is reason to believe that an adult is the victim of domestic violence.
  • If a client communicates a serious threat to harm self or others.
  • If you sign a form authorizing information to be shared with a specific person.

Our goal is to make Evergreen a judgment-free zone, where you can have a safe place to be open, honest and work through your innermost struggles.

"...just between the two of you."  (Matthew 18:15)