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Evergreen CC operates on a modified sliding scale based on ability to pay:

Our base (minimum) fee is $75 per session.   Our maximum (full) fee is $110 per session.  Most fall somewhere in between.  The formula followed to determine a per-session fee is $1 per $1K of your household's annual grossExample: If your household's combined annual income is $85K per year, the corresponding fee would be $85 per session.  We do our very best to "meet people where they are" financially.  Fee is due at the time of service which may be made either by cash, check or credit/debit card, whichever works best for you.   

INSURANCE: Most major health insurance policies don't recognize pastoral counseling as a medical intervention and, therefore, do not cover it.  And they require a psychiatric diagnosis to authorize that service, something we are reluctant to do.   We also believe this may compromise your confidentiality as any diagnosis may follow you for years.  HSA's work well here.  We do our very best to keep our cost of services down to make them affordable to just about everyone.

You should know that we consider our work to be short-term intensive.  Therefore, our goal is to help you achieve your goals & objectives on as efficient a time-table as possible.